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Why should I use aluminium profiles?

Aluminium profiles are used to house LED strips for two reasons: not only they allow a correct heat dissipation and protect LED strips from water, moisture and dust but they also give a more “finished” and attractive look to your installations.

Which kind of covers should I choose?

We provide four different kinds of covers for our aluminium profiles: transparent, semiopal, opal and frosted. The difference with one diffuser and another stands in the percentage of light reduction.

Transparent and semiopal covers slightly reduce the light emitted and do not offer the “dots free” effect.

Opal and frosted covers highly reduce the light emitted and offer a “dots free” effect. Opal and frosted covers are slightly different since the opal diffuser has a smoother surface while the frosted diffuser has a more rough surface. Check our catalog to see the percentage of light reduction for each cover.

Last but not least: lens covers, available only for some models, are used to make the light beam narrower than usual and to focus the light on a specific area.

What is the length of your aluminium profiles?

Our aluminium profiles are available in 2 and 3 meters to be easily sent all over Europe. They are usually available in silver, white 9016 and black colours depending on the models.

How can I install an aluminium profile?

Aluminium profiles can be fixed by screwing them directly on a surface or alternatively by using the suitable fixing clip.

Do you want to resell our brand?

Contact us to have more details.


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Lighting Line specializes in the supply of aluminium profiles for LED lighting. The great range of Lighting Line profiles features a very original design at one of the best prices on the market.

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